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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Firefox Add-on: BitTorrent Search Engine

Since I started using Linux, I download my CD ISOs using web downloads. But when I started using uTorrent, I tried looking for the best search engine for finding torrent files specially for Linux distros. While playing with Firefox, I noticed the little search box on the upper right corner which I have never used since I installed Firefox. Oh, well, I got I lot of spare time, so why not discover what else Firefox has to offer. So, I saw an "Add Engine" at the bottom of the menu and clicked it.. alas! it took me to a page of Firefox Search Engine Add-Ons! And there I found the BitTorrent search engine. So I added it to my search engines, typed in "Linux" and found a vast array of ISO torrents from all over the web. The BitTorrent search engine grabs the list from other major BitTorrent Trackers. And now Firefox has again amazed me in making my cyberlife a little more easy. =)


Carmina said...

that is a good and useful addon, I use Bitorrent a lot and I don't like to search for what I want on Google. Maybe I will make a Sildenafil addon for Firefox

Campbell said...

indeed it is a great addon for those who use BitTorrent, and I agree with Carmina, I am working on an addon for xlpharmacy for Firefox too