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Thursday, January 05, 2006

openSUSE Project Says 750,000 Linux Installs

WALTHAM, Mass. – Novell's project, launched in August 2005, continues to generate tremendous interest and activity, recently surpassing 13 million page views and 750,000 verified installations of SUSE® Linux. SUSE Linux is installed more than 7,000 times every day, an average of one installation every 12 seconds. The openSUSE™ project features easy access to builds and releases, and will soon offer new resources and programs for open access to the development process used to create SUSE Linux, the award-winning distribution that contains everything users need to get started with Linux®. Developers have contributed thousands of suggestions, bug fixes and provided significant input which will improve Novell's leading Linux distribution for developers and customers around the globe.

In early 2006, the openSUSE project will begin to release a public development framework. This framework will provide open source contributors and third-party application developers with tools and resources to streamline code and patch contributions to SUSE Linux. The framework will include code libraries and a public build server that can be accessed and used by any registered project member. Novell will make it simple and easy to create packages and applications that will run on SUSE Linux and SUSE Linux-based distributions.

"SUSE Linux users, who number in the millions worldwide, continue to show their support by installing the software in great numbers and seeking more opportunities to collaborate with Novell," said Jeff Jaffe, executive vice president and chief technology officer for Novell. "The huge interest in the openSUSE project shows they're serious about shaping and improving the software they use. We're thrilled at the level of involvement and are stepping up our commitment to maintain SUSE Linux as one of the most popular distributions in existence."

Posted at: LinuxElectrons
OpenSUSE and Ubuntu are my Linux Distros of choice and I personally recommend these two distros to my customers in a computer shop that I manage. Out of that 750,000 confirmed installations, I'm very much happy to say that I've contributed at least 100 installations. Linux is the future, and that future is just a day away, and I'm proud that I already made a head start in using such great Operating System.

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