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Sunday, February 05, 2006

EasyUbuntu: Make your Linux Ubuntu as easy to use as ever

Ubuntu is one of my favorite Linux Distribution aside from MEPIS and SUSE. From installation to actual usage, even a novice wouldn't have any trouble at all. But somehow not everything you need is already in Ubuntu, you have to manually install legacy drivers and softwares from the repositories in order to put your Ubuntu in steriods. This manual installation may be a bit of a task for an ordinary user, that's where EasyUbuntu would help.

EasyUbuntu is an easy to use script that gives the Ubuntu user the most commonly requested apps, codecs, and tweaks that are not found in the base distribution - all with a few clicks of your mouse.

EasyUbuntu is so easy to use in fact, that even your grandma could be playing encrypted dvds, streaming Windows Media, and sporting the latest Nvidia or Ati drivers in minutes! And yes, EasyUbuntu is GPL.

Get your EasyUbuntu here.

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