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Monday, February 06, 2006

Philippines is one of the top Linux Ubuntu user

Ubuntu Linux is one of the easiest Linux Distro ever released, with my first time to use it eight months ago, I didn't feel any pain in setting it up and using it, as a matter of fact one of my computer is already a full time Ubuntu machine.

This ease of use has become Ubuntu's major market advantage and has captured the heart of Filipinos. According to Canonical, the Philippines is one of the top shipping destination of free Ubuntu CDs. I personally agree with this because I have ordered and have given away 100 plus Ubuntu CDs just in San Pablo City, Philippines. And from my observation as I stroll around the city, I have seen computer shops using Ubuntu in their machines. This major shift towards Ubuntu was also caused by BSA's campaign together with the Philippines' local authorities to crack down the users and distributors of pirated software primarily Microsoft products. Now Microsoft is really losing its market share in the Philippines because of the introduction of Linux, and users are now gearing towards the easy to use Ubuntu.

Because the Philippines is one of the top Ubuntu user, Mark Shuttlewort, the president of Canonical decided to conduct a seminar in Manila last February 2, 2006 focusing on the Ubuntu operating system and how home users and small companies can utilize a free and very stable version of Linux. The seminar was a success and as an open source supporter, I just can't help but smile everytime I see or hear news how Linux and Open Source is gaining market share.


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