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Saturday, August 14, 2004

NetBIOS Hacking


NetBIOS stands for Network Basic Input Output System. It's an API than enables DOS BIOS to perform special functions for LAN's. Most LAN's for PCs are based on NetBIOS.

NetBIOS Hacking

This is one of the most simple methods of hacking. It will allow you to connect to a remote PC which has file and print sharing on. You only need that PCs IP.

To see if a certain PC has file and print sharing on use the nbtstat command in the DOS Prompt.

e.g nbtstat -a IP (e.g.

If the PC doesn't have file and print sharing on you'll get:

"Host not found"

Otherwise you'll get:

NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table


Name Type Status
Host <20> UNIQUE Registered
Workgroup <1e> GROUP Registered
System <03> UNIQUE Registered

The only thing you get from this is the name of the host which has a code of 20. (the other codes can be diffrent, but they don't matter anyway) Now you must search for a file which is called lmhost. With win 9x/me it should be in the windir, so x:\windir\lmhost, (this file has no extension, so when you search for it make shure you have *.* set as file type.)

With Win NT/2000/XP this file is situated in the

Once you have found the file open it in notepad.

There will be lots of text and info which isn't important at the moment. Just scroll to the end of it and type in the name of the host, press tab and type in it's IP. It should look like this:

host IP (e.g.

Save and close the file. Now you need to seach for the PC. Do this with Find and the Computer with win 9x/ME or Search for computer or people with win 2000/XP. Type it's IP (e.g. as the search criterium and you should get a result with the host as the PCs name. (sometimes it's just the IP instead the hosts name, this depends on windows)
Double click on it. You're on your targets pc now and can browse it as your own.

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kananeto said...

hi.. about hacking others computer, you can only get into their computer only if they enable the file and printer sharing. this is really hard to find coz by default, the file sharing option is disable. Do you know any way we can get into the computer with out have to find some one who enable the file sharing? I heard that there a way by using yahoo messager or mirc. Thanks.