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Saturday, August 21, 2004

1 GB Mailbox

Eversince the launch of GMAIL from GOOGLE, I have craved to have a 1 GB Mailbox, but as of this writing, I haven't got any invites yet.. poor me.. The GMAIL craze has put a hype among web maniacs and free invites was being sold of up to $80 on eBay. I wish I could have an invite and see for myself the features of GMAIL that is threathening to sweep the webmail industry.

But since I want to experience 1GB Mailbox, I have here a list of 1GB email alternatives:

GAWAB ( Golden membership offers you the following features:
- 1001 MB FREE account
- NO POP/SMTP (Available only on their Silver membership w/c is 15 MB of mailbox)
- 15 Interface Themes
- 14 Different Languages
- SPAM/Virus Protection - Unlimited Number of Folders
The membership in "Gawab Golden" is granted to any user worldwide for FREE.

Rediffmail (

Rediffmail is free, fast & easy to use email. Rediffmail offers you a storage space of 1 GB. It gives you the facility to send 20 attachments at a time with the total mail size upto 10 MB. The new Rediffmail has several features that makes managing your email simpler. It has powerful spam control.

Spymac (

Each Spymac membership includes an e-mail account that can be accessed externally via POP3 or with Spymac Mail's web interface. Each account includes a generous 1000 MB of storage space. Spymac Mail sends and receives millions of e-mail messages every year.

Walla! (

Walla! offers 1 GB of email service for free. To keep this service free, Walla! displays an ad banner, the ad banner isn’t obtrusive though. With Walla! you don’t get many of the fancy features found in GAWAB; you won’t get POP access or forwarding, the service is very simple with minimal features and options.

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