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Sunday, February 18, 2007

How Windows Decided To Destroy My Linux Files

I have been using Linux (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and MEPIS) for my daily tasks and have Windows on a separate partition for dual boot just in case I may need it. Since I'm using a laptop 90 percent of the time I've decided that I need a USB external drive. I formatted my external drive using EXT3 (Linux File System) for reliability because I've tried using FAT32 before but for unknown reason (to me) the partition is always destroyed after a few mounts. I also tried using NTFS, but at some point I need to defrag the hard disk to improve file access. So, EXT3 would be the right file system for my drive because of its reliability and less maintenance (or none at all).

I have no problem with my external drive, been using it for months flawlessly, until I needed to use Windows. I need to access my files in the external drive using Windows, so I installed FS-Driver to access my files in the EXT3 file system. Read and write access works fine using the FS-Driver then Windows updated itself and told me that it needs to reboot. Ok, fine, it would only take a minute... so reboot it goes.

While Windows was booting, it decided that it needs to scan the Linux external drive (I did not unplug the external drive because this wasn't a problem in Linux at all). It was too late to cancel, so I let it scan the drive. It scanned so fast that I couldn't read what it was doing. After figuring it out that it could be deleting my files in the Linux drive, I turned the laptop off and unplugged the drive. After booting Windows and plugging the drive again, half of my files in the Linux drive was gone. Now this is another reason for me not to trust Windows anymore! It's a good thing that I always have backups. See the video below on how it happened.


Ayush said...

M$ will go to any lengths to retain as much of the OS market as possible. I just hope people don't use Vista and instead switch to Ubuntu/Linux or Macs. Window$ sucks ass.

blogger22 said...

Thar really really SUCKS! Another reason NOT to move to the crappy-ass vista or whatever you call it. Get Ubuntu (

fredtal said...

Bummer. I use Virtual Volumes it doesn't allow you to write to the Linux partition, but I copy the files I want. Then when I'm back in Mepis I can copy the the files back. Maybe a bit clunky but NOW I know I don't want to MS writing to my Linux partitions!

ultr said...

In windows you cannot access your files on ext or reiserfs partitions. However it looks like windows can open them! Great job M$. Now you suck even more.
BTW: Shouldn't they be charged of crimes against humanity?

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