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Friday, October 07, 2005

Top Google Adsense Keywords

Google Adsense has become a major money source for webmasters. By displaying Ads from Google to any webpage, the webmaster is paid per click on the ads. But before an ad could be clicked, the webmaster should find a way to drive traffic to their site, therefore, playing with keywords is a vital technique in order to drive traffic to their site. Some top Google Adsense keywords are enumerated below, with some advertisers willing to pay as much as $49.00 per click! The keywords below are grouped according to category and the numbers on the right are the amount an advertiser is willing to pay per click. Happy Googling! =)

Health and Life

peritoneal mesothelioma 48.38
mesothelioma 33.83
mesothelioma symptoms 31.41
mesothelioma info 25.79
asbestos cancer 19.34
asbestos mesothelioma 19.06
prostate cancer treatment 17.20
malignant pleural mesothelioma 16.30
asbestos 11.55
prostate cancer 11.07
lexapro and alcohol 10.27
asbestos lung cancer 10.12


eloan 33.27
eloan com 28.47
equity line of credit 23.46
consolidate loans 21.03
home equity loans 20.98
home equity line of credit 18.65
credit repair 14.76
chase credit 14.12
credit counseling 13.98
consumer credit counseling 11.68
line of credit 11.12
capital one credit 11.07


cheap term life insurance 20.10
home insurance quote 16.18
home owner insurance 15.65
group health insurance 14.10
health insurance cost 13.89
auto cheap insurance 12.90
american general life insurance 12.74
life insurance broker 11.73
direct car insurance 11.12
cheap health insurance 8.62
cheap insurance 8.07
insurances 6.70


mesothelioma lawyers 48.61
vioxx attorney 37.22
lexington law firm 33.91
lexington law 31.43
texas lemon law 19.68
car lemon law 19.26
find a lawyer 14.18
accident lawyer 11.50
find an attorney 9.58
bankruptcy attorney 8.58
seattle personal injury attorney 7.36
florida medical malpractice lawyer 5.80

Car Hire

alicante car hire 27.24
alicante airport car hire 22.65
car hire malaga 17.31
car hire in malaga 15.39
car hire florida 13.74
rental car in costa rica 13.06
car hire spain 11.81
budget car hire 11.67
car hire in spain 11.43
car hire malaga airport 10.90
car hire malaga spain 19.49
cyprus car hire 9.25


domain name search 27.24
domain name lookup 22.65
purchase domain name 17.31
cheap domain names 15.39
internet domain registration 13.74
register internet name 13.06
cheap domain 11.81
registering domain name 11.67
domain search 11.43
registering domain 10.90
register domain names 19.49
domain name 9.25

Web Hosting

dedicated hosting 15.34
ecommerce hosting 12.13
best hosting 11.26
register web page 11.24
cheap hosting 11.11
cheap web hosting 9.57
hosting reviews 8.94
cheap asp hosting 8.86
domain hosting 8.85
linux hosting 8.83
web hosting 8.59
register a web site 8.12


computer rental uk 13.71
projector rental 12.83
computer rental 11.00
hard drive recovery 8.24
microsoft certification 8.20
wireless security camera 6.12
online computer science degree 5.64
dell computer 5.50
gateway computer 5.42
computer phone system 5.36
computer leasing 5.28
computer based training 4.27


anti spam software 13.71
medical billing software 12.83
help desk software 11.00
debt solutions 8.24
email marketing software 8.20
call center software 6.12
survey software 5.64
crm software 5.50
scheduling software 5.42
nursing pda software 5.36
mlm software 5.28
pda medical software 4.27


anti spam software 12.25
spam 12.06
anti virus protection 5.50
spy software 5.50
anti virus 5.42
anti virus software 4.89
anti virus downloads 3.90
free anti spy ware 3.76
spyware blocker 3.06
removing spyware 3.05
adware spyware removal 3.04
anti virus download 3.02


affiliate marketing 12.90
payperclick 11.05
adwords 8.97
search engine marketing company 8.91
affiliate programs 8.77
per click 8.18
sponsored links 7.70
pay per click 6.38
making money on the internet 6.32
email marketing 6.25
make money on the internet 5.35
pay for click 4.88


money exchange rates 8.58
make extra money 7.91
make money fast and easy 7.85
make money quick 7.44
ways to make money fast 7.13
hard money lenders 6.70
money at home 6.57
making money on the internet 6.32
make money from home 6.21
make money at home 6.12
money making ideas 6.00
money lenders 5.71


voip canada 11.40
voip test 9.69
att voip 8.94
voip testing 8.22
lingo voip 7.81
vonage voip 7.38
voip service 6.87
voip equipment 6.75
home voip 5.83
residential voip 5.80
voip training 5.52
business voip 5.45


debt problems 11.69
debt consolidation services 11.44
consolidate credit card debt 11.34
debt solutions 10.43
online debt consolidation 9.19
debt consolidation 8.86
debt 8.48
debt management 8.38
credit and debt counseling 8.03
debt consolidation information 7.27
bad debt 4.51
debt free management 3.04

Credit Card

capital one credit card 11.42
student credit cards 11.21
low interest credit card 10.51
accept credit cards 10.46
airlines credit card 10.38
visa gift card 10.33
student credit card 9.41
credit card processing 8.72
credit card applications 8.14
credit card services 7.66
visa cards 7.36
one credit card 7.32


lendingtree 18.50
fha refinance 12.27
ocean finance 12.12
budget rental 11.94
refinance second mortgage 11.60
incorporate in arizona 11.20
should i refinance 10.46
consolidate 10.39
merchant account 10.17
current mortgage rate 9.84
why incorporate 9.51
online future trading 9.22


at t phone 14.95
voip phone service 10.52
voip phone system 8.19
att cellular phone 7.94
broadband phone 7.27
satellite phone rental 7.20
satellite phone 6.87
cingular cellular phone 6.82
internet phone 6.36
voip phone 4.82
phone system 4.73
cingular cell phone 4.68


online degree 13.22
education degree online 12.56
criminal justice degree online 11.48
degree education on line 10.71
online accounting degree 9.92
online paralegal degree 9.41
online nursing degree 8.59
mba degree online 8.06
online psychology degree 8.01
master degree on line 7.64
online master degree 7.20
degree at home 6.25


adult friend finder 11.16
her first lesbian sex 8.01
friend finder 7.52
adult friend 7.19
adultfriendfinder 5.92
datingagency 4.60
free online dating 3.72
dating 2.61
datingservice 2.37
friend 2.08
datingsites 2.01
datingsite 1.68


video conferencing 9.01
att wireless ringtone 8.40
data recovery los angeles 8.31
data recovery service 7.93
hard drive recovery 7.75
online data backup 7.75
cheap conference call 6.84
cable company 6.50
dsl provider 6.26
high speed satellite internet 6.21
dsl internet 5.78
fax services 5.21


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